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We are targeting the guests работа мск that wants private service and comfortable atmosphere with large choices of drinks and https://jobitel.com/ exclusive Japanese Menu that cannot be found in most of the places.

IKiGAi is a Japanese Restaurant & Lounge for high class customers that you can only enter with a membership card. We serve Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi and rolls etc… Our beverage choice is most unique, we promise you that you will find your favourite. 


Amazing Dishes

There are some unique Japanese dishes that you can only find in high class restaurants in Japan

Stylish Interior

Our Interior is Created from two colors which is Copper linings and Classic Turquoise wall paint

Best Service

Our team is trained by the best of the bests: Which all the trainers has been in the service business for more than 14 years.

PHONE: +976-80032960

Reserve a Table

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